Reverends Liu Tongsu & Hou Junli Introduction

Reverends Liu Tongsu & Hou Junli


Reverend Liu Tongsu, was originally a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.  In 1991 he responded to the invitation from the Ford Foundation of the United States to study American and European philosophy at Yale University.  He was baptized before Passion Sunday in 1993 and started his seminary education in the same year.  In the summer of 1994, he met an old evangelist and was completely transformed when he witnessed the living Jesus in the evangelist’s life.  He served as a pastor in both the New Port Chinese Evangelical Church in Connecticut, and the New York New Life Chinese Church.  He is also a member of the editorial boards of Christian magazines including Season of Life, Life and Faith, Grace and Blessings.


Reverend Hou Junli, from Beijing, was originally a lawyer with the All-China Lawyers Association. She came to the United States in 1991 and, by the grace of God, was baptized before Easter the next year.  In the same year, she started her Master of Divinity program at Yale.  After graduation in 1995, she became a pastor in the North American Baptist Church.  She has served at the New Port Chinese Evangelical Church, the New York New Life Chinese Church, and the Long Island Chinese Evangelical Church.  

Pastors Liu & Hou
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