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China's Confession

There are 7 episodes in the TV serial China's Confession.
Below is a brief summary:  

  1. The Root -- Gives an account of the long forgotten, devout traditions and legends of the first 2500 years in Chinese history.
  2.  Rebellion-- Gives an  account of the unimaginable, historical evolution of ancient China.
  3. The Fall-- Represents the tragic destiny of the self-inflicted misery and exploitation of China in the following 2500 years of its history.
  4. Light of Tao--Shows the Chinese painstakingly attempting to reach salvation through human efforts, and the glorious light of heavenly Dao. (Truth)
  5. Heaven in the West--Portrays the early, valuable contacts between China and the West as well as the spiritual communication.
  6. Fire Phoenix--Reveals the bewilderment, struggle and difficult search for China's  direction since the Opium War.
  7. Sky Blue--Represents the bitter lessons of the past fifty years, the hidden crisis of today and the solutions for tomorrow.  

China's Confession
Complete Edition (3.5 Hours)
Copyright © 2000
Language: Chinese 
Abridged Edition (1.5 Hours)
Copyright ©2009
Language: Mandarin with Chinese and English Subtitles 

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