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Xiao Min


Born into a farming family in China, Xiao Min dropped out of school because of health problems.  After coming to Christ, she began writing hymns to express her faith and was imprisoned for a time.  Without musical training, Xiao Min has composed nearly 2000 songs, which are used in churches throughout China and abroad. 

Below are some of Xiao Min’s songs in her music CD The Love of Cross, translated into English by Mrs. Anita Ho:


CD1歌詞 Lyrics




Five O'clock in the Morning of China (Canaan Hymns #268)

Five o'clock in the morning of China, rises the sound of prayers.  Prayers bring revival and peace, bring harmony and victory.  Five o'clock in the morning of China, rises the sound of prayers. Everyone offers sincere love. In each corner of the earth, we are brothers.  Five o'clock in the morning of China, rises the sound of prayers, spreading across mountains and rivers, melting icy heart and soul.  No more bondage, no more war.  Bringing about blessings, turning around destiny, this is a year of harvest.



哭過,笑過,唱過,沉默過;走過,停過,火熱過, 灰心過。走過最低最低的深谷, 爬過最高最高的山坡。年復一年,有過失落;困苦顛連, 有過收穫。歲月的大浪在身邊沖過,悲喜的眼淚無數次流過。看哪! 終於有一道天上的生命河,流向中國,醫治中國,得著中國!

Cried Before, Laughed Before, Sang Before, Quiet Before (Canaan Hymns #520)

Cried before, laughed before, sang before, quiet before; walked before, paused before, fired up before, given up before.  Passed the lowest valley, climbed the highest hill.  Year after year, had losses, had suffering, had harvest. Waves of time swept through, tears of happiness and sorrow streamed down. O Look, a heavenly river finally flows toward China, flows through China, cures China, and embraces China. 




We Want to Sing the Most Beautiful Song (Canaan Hymns #114)

We want to sing the most beautiful song, sing to the Lord in Heaven; we want to sing the most beautiful song, sing praises to the worthy Lord.  Clap your hands, use your instruments, sing out loud!  The sound of our song rises up to the sky each and every day.




My Lord and Me (Canaan Hymns #85)

My Lord brings me to His inner court. Heart to heart, we cannot stop talking.  Our love is as strong as death.  Many waters cannot wash it away.  My Lord is brilliant and radiant, superior over everyone.  My Lord and me, me and my Lord, we never separate.  My Lord brings me to the field, to the vineyard, to herd the sheep among lilies.  My Lord and me walk together forever.



這裡有神的同在噢,這裡有神的言語;這裡有聖靈的恩膏,這裡是另一個天地。看哪,弟兄和睦同居,何等的善何等的美,如同那黑門的甘露, 降在錫安山地。愛在這裡,和平在這裡,光明在這裡,生命在這裡。耶和華所命定的福,都在這裡;


Here We Have the Presence of God (Canaan Hymns #129)

Here we have presence of God, O- here we have words of God.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit, here is a different place.

See how beautiful it is, for brothers to dwell in peace,

As the dew of Mount Hermon falling on Mount Zion.

Love is here. 

Peace is here.

Here we have God’s love. 

Here we have God’s Life.

Blessing that the Lord has provided, all are given here.

If you want to receive them all, in our Jesus Christ.




In the Dark Night (Canaan Hymns #478)

In the dark night, I have seen dawn; in the dark night, I have seen the morning star; in the dark night, I raise my head to the Lord.  The song of praises is even louder.  In the dark night, flowers are more fragrant; in the dark night, the steps are firmer.  There are only a few miles left in the dark night.  Remember , you must be loyal to the Lord.




Look at the Elated Mountain (Canaan Hymns #88)

Look at the elated mountain, look at the rolling ocean. I say to myself: who am I? You are mindful of me.  When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars you have set in place.  I say to myself, who am I?  You are mindful of me.  You made us rulers over the works of your hand, all flocks and herds, and the beasts of the field, the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air.  The mountains are not deserted, the earth are green.  Everything is praising the glory of the Lord.  The breeze of the Spring carries my song.  I praise the Lord.  He forever cares about me, giving me life and the fertile land.




Heart of China (Canaan Hymns #134)

We may be scattered over different parts of the world.

But we all have a heart to spread the Good News.

God loves China and He loves us.

Here and there He has chosen you and me.

Clocks will keep one ticking; time is passing on.

May the Lord keep the fire burning in our hearts.

Go forth earnestly; spread the Good News.

Day and night we will go on.

We will bring a bright light for the darkest corner.

Gospel of Peace to every tribe, every race.

We all love China and all the people.

We will bring God’s love to everyone in the world.



走進新的一天,心中甜美歡喜,口中發出第一句話,主啊,我感謝你!賜下你的恩膏,沐浴在你的愛裡,呼喚著我的名字,把我帶進你的歲月裡。賜給我智慧、膽量和能力,跨越高山,橫渡洋海,馳騁於大地,決心要把福音傳遍村落、山谷和小溪。一步一步的走下去, 一步一步的走到底。新的一天,新的時代裡, 主啊,我傳揚你。

Stepping into a New Day (Canaan Hymns #26)

Stepping into a new day, my heart is filled with sweetness and joy.  The first word I utter is Lord I thank you!  You give us grace.  We live in your love.  You call my name and bring me into your time.  You grant me wisdom, courage, and strength.  Climb over mountains, cross over oceans, spread the Good News to villages, valleys, and streams.  Step by step, step by step, to the end.  In the new day and in the new age, Lord, I spread your name.



主啊我算什麼, 你竟抬舉我,讓我站在你面前給你唱一首歌。主啊我算什麼,你竟顧念我,讓我生在中國迎接大收割。大風浪沖著,逼迫中走著,你愛我,保護我,一直引導我。沒像斷線的風箏,沒像凋謝的花朵,讓我成為生命的種子,在你裡面活。我深深呼求你,你一定要給我做,明天將會有敬拜的歌聲充滿每一個角落。

Dear Lord, I’m not worthy to be used by you.

To sing in your presence Lord, praise you with this song.

I am not worthy Lord, but you love me so.

Giving me the chance to see Harvest of China souls,

Stormy are the days; persecution comes.

But your Love upholds me, guides me day-by-day.

So I will not be drifting or dry up like a flower.

But become the seeds of true life, living in you.

This I humbly pray, let your will be done.

That there will be songs of worship, ringing in all the world.




Lord you are my best friend.

You are my best companion.

Every day my heart is thinking of you, longing to see your face.

In the journey of my life, over every step of the way,

Your hand is always guiding me.

Keeping me close your side, you lead me where I should go.

So I will not perish and fall.

Lord, your Love is so deep and wide.

My heart breathes a sigh in awe.

What more can I ask for?

Now Lord you are my all in all.

I have promise to follow you, never to depart.




As I Follow the Lord (Canaan Hymns #111)

As I follow the Lord, I do not turn back; as I accept the Lord, I do not regret.  Though the road is rocky, I have no complaint; though tears are rolling my face, my heart is filled with joy.  Serving the Lord is not, is not under the shade of green.  Serving the Lord is not, is not in the greenhouse.  We may be jailed.  We may go through valleys of sorrow.  We must go through Marah to reach Elim.




The Dove Returned (Canaan Hymns #546)

Night comes, the dove returns, carrying a newly plucked olive leaf in her mouth.  It represents hope.  It represents peace.  It represents a revived age.  We came over blood, came over tears.  Big birds fly north and south, singing the love of the Lord.  Today's China is no longer deserted.  Look, grasses and trees are awakening everywhere.





China Belongs to God (Canaan Hymns #551)

Even if there is only one drop of blood left, it must be saved for China; even if there is only one breath left, it must be given to China.  O, China, how many sons cry and pray for you across the ocean.  Standing beyond the ocean, you are constantly in his heart.  Listen to the mother's calling across the ocean.  Chinese are sons and daughters of God.  O, China, China, come quickly to rest.  God has found you; you are no longer lost.  China belongs to God!




For You, My Own Flesh and Blood Far Away (Canaan Hymns #89)

How I wish to see you, my flesh and blood far away.  How I wish to see your amiable face, listen to your voice.  I pray for you from my heart, wishing you well in everything.  This is my wish. Let the wind carry my wish to you.  Let us connect forever in love, forever link with love.  No matter in the south or north, in the east or west, sing the same song.  The love of the Lord in incomparable.  HE makes our hearts sincerely connected.




Sing a Heavenly Song (Canaan Hymn #574)

River of Life, River of Joy, gently flowing through my heart,

River of Life, River of Joy, gently flowing through my heart,

I will sing a joyful song, sing a heavenly song.

Clouds of Sadness, sorrows of my heart, all are driven away.





Come with Your Laughter (Canaan Hymns #1)

1.  Come with your laughter.

Come with your Song.

Come with your sincerity.

Come with your pure heart.

Into God’s Holy Temple, find the real meaning of life.

Trusting in Jesus is the only way.

Chorus:   Let us spread this good news.

Let us hear it too.

Welcome to the family,

Welcome to the family of the Love of God.

2.  Come with your Sisters.

Come with your Brothers too.

Come with your whole family, neighbors and your friends.

Bringing all your burdens, leave them to the Holy Spirit.

Patiently following Him, obeying His Command. (Chorus)      




The Holy Spirit Brings You and Me Along (Canaan Hymns #240)

The Holy Spirit brings you and me along, brings you and me along.  We promise not to turn back, promise not to turn back.  Experience hardship and storms.  After the storms, you will discover, that the road you walked has been walked by others before.  Going over many turns, passing through many ditches.  Looking at the sunset, rivers flow east.  Bird fly south, snowflakes dance.  Step into the open, go forward, never stop.




Tears of thankfulness flow unceasingly.

Words within my heart cannot fully be said.

Jesus’ nail pierced hand knocked on the door of my heart.

Jesus’ tender voice captured the Love of my heart.

I have already known this is the way of the Cross.

Full of stormy wind and rain; suffering and pain.

But my Lord His loving hand is ever holding my hand.

I’ve no other reason not to go on His way.




Love of the Cross (Canaan Hymns #319)

Jesus forfeited the enmity of generations with the love of the Cross; Jesus shortened the distance between us with the love of the Cross; Jesus conquered the world with the love of the Cross.  All knees bow, all mouths praise the saving Lord Jesus.  Climb over mountains after mountains, knocking at doors after doors.  Repay the grace of the Lord with no complaint, no regret.  We are servants of the Lord.




Lord, We Are Deeply Aware (Canaan Hymns #56)

Lord we are deeply aware, in every moment, your love never fade.  Lord we are deeply aware, in very instance, you are our only companion.  Our hearts yearn for you, our hearts eagerly pursue you, because you are the Alpha Omega.  No one can be compared with you.  No one can be compared with you.


CD2歌詞 Lyrics




Dear Lord, I praise your name.

Because you have chosen me.

You have come from heaven to this sinful world and looking for me.

Dear Lord, I praise your name.

Because you have loved me.

Your great love fills entire universe even the whole wide world.

Your love has brought us salvation,

Show us how earnestly to follow God’s way.

Let all bow down to worship you.

Let all praise your name on high.

Great is God, our dear farther.

May all praise be to you.

You have lifted us from miry clay.

You have lifted us from dust.

Words can not tell of all your Love; or praise all your righteousness.

Let us all praise God’s holy name with thanks-giving from our hearts.




Follow the Holy Spirit (Canaan Hymns #205)

It’s God’s Love that all our hearts has joined as one,

so that we go forth as the waves of the sea.

We will follow where the Holy Spirit leads in this world that is lost.

Truly we will love one another.

Jehovah is our victorious Lord.

We will spread the Gospel even unto death.

May all glory be to God.




I Give My Blessings to You Today (Canaan Hymns #704)

Today I give my blessings to you.  God watches over you each day.  At home and everywhere, inside or outside, God protects you in every way.  Do no fear.  Fear is not from God.  Rely on Jesus, never waver.  You are blessed abundantly all your life.




Lord, Wish You Hold My Hand (Canaan Hymns #8)

Lord, wish you hold our hands, sailing in the storm and the wind; Lord, wish you take our heart, flying to all corners of the earth.  Wish your soldiers to be deported from here; wish your troops rise from here; wish your torch of the Gospel to be carried to the whole planet, reaching the four corners of the earth.  Walk, walk, walk, follow you; run, run, run, follow you.  One day, China will rise.  One day, China will rise.  Push open the closed door, break through the firm barrack.  The flag of the Gospel will flutter in China.  Churches unite, unite as one.




Rely on the Cross (Traditional Hymns)

I rely on the cross.  The cross is the spring of life.  The blood of Jesus poured out, cleansing my sin.  Cross, cross, my glory forever.  My sin is cleansed because of the blood of Jesus.  Amen!



主啊我算什麼, 你竟抬舉我,讓我站在你面前給你唱一首歌。主啊我算什麼,你竟顧念我,讓我生在中國迎接大收割。大風浪沖著,逼迫中走著,你愛我,保護我,一直引導我。沒像斷線的風箏,沒像凋謝的花朵,讓我成為生命的種子在你裡面活。我深深呼求你,你一定要給我做,明天將會有敬拜的歌聲,充滿每一個角落。

Lord, I Am Unworthy (Canaan Hymns #607)

Dear Lord, I’m not worthy to be used by you.

To sing in your presence Lord, praise you with this song.

I am not worthy Lord, but you love me so.

Giving me the chance to see Harvest of China souls,

Stormy are the days; persecution comes.

But your Love upholds me, guides me day-by-day.

So I will not be drifting or dry up like a flower.

But become the seeds of true life, living in you.

This I humbly pray, let your will be done.

That there will be songs of worship, ringing in all the world.



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