Reverend Feng Bingcheng Introduction

Reverend Feng Bingcheng


Reverend Zhang graduated from Beijing University with a major in Biology.  He received his doctorate from Michigan University in 1987.  He worked at Ohio University and Case Western Reserve University.  Since 1993, he has worked as a medical researcher at the Wisconsin Medical School.  Once an advocate for atheism and a believer in the importance of one’s personal accomplishments, Dr. Feng was impelled by God’s great love, and transformed into a believer of Jesus.  Convinced that the Christian faith is an objective truth, he was baptized on Easter in 1992.   He was called to preach the Gospel in 1997.  In 1999, he enrolled at the American Overseas Seminary, graduated in 2001 and became a pastor in California.  Rev. Feng has also worked for the Chinese Christian Writer's Foundation.  He is the author of Song of Wanderers and other books.

Pastor Feng Bingcheng
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