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Missionary Introduction

Dear friends,
Do you know how the Gospel entered China?
Do you know what pushed the missionaries forward?
Do you know what they actually did in this foreign land and
what it means to you?




A Historical Study of the Gospel into China

Book and DVDs Chinese and English Versions
Missionary includes one book and three DVDs or one USB Flash Drive.  The video series contains three episodes, each 50 minutes, including numerous true stories, precious historical footage, and vivid interviews. It serves as educational material for Sunday school, Christian fellowship, seminary courses, personal study and evangelism.  The documentary is a panoramic view of God’s hand in the Gospel’s advancement in China. It will open eyes for those who have never heard of Jesus and His unfailing love.


Episode One:  KNOCK

This is a collection of stories about knocking on doors and seeing them open and close: from the Legend of Saint Thomas in the Han Dynasty to Nestorian Christianity in the Tang Dynasty; from Erkeunor Arkaim in the Yuan Dynasty to Catholicism in the Late Ming and early Qing Dynasties.


Episode Two:  PLANT

From Robert Morrison to the Opium Wars, from Hudson Taylor to the Boxer Rebellion, the arrival of these missionaries led to the rise of the local church. Over two centuries, these missionaries spread the Gospel with their lives. Their lives were planted as seeds of faith. They landed; they took root; they sprouted; they produced abundant fruit.  


Episode Three:  SHINE

From the first school to the first hospital; from the first orphanage to the first rehabilitation center; the first laboratory, the first newspaper, the first sports team, even the first participation in the Olympic Games - you can find the footprints of missionaries in every corner of modern China.

English Version: Missionary one book, 155 pages. Three episodes on 3 DVDs or 1 USB flash drive, total 2.5 hours, English narration, optional English subtitles.


Chinese Version: Missionary one book, 234 pages. Three episodes on 3 DVDs or 1 USB flash drive, total 2.5 hours, Mandarin narration, simplified or traditional Chinese subtitles.  


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