WHEREAS an “Investigation Report on the Chai and Yuan Matters” which was jointly made by 18 ministers from Chinese churches was published by an anonymous Christian worker on February 23, 2015 on the Website of Christian Life Quarterly (; whereas the accusations were not verified by the relevant parties; whereas the accusations were not examined by the judicial system;whereas the “investigation committee” unlawfully convicts the accused and spreads rumors against Yuan Zhiming on the Internet; whereas the acts of the “investigation committee” has gone far beyond the church system and has damaged the reputation and integrity of God’s church;THEREFORE, the Board of Directors of China Soul for Christ Foundation (CSFCF) makes the following announcement:

  1. CSFCF questions the motivation of the organizer of the “investigation committee”, and denies the committee’s validity, fairness and legitimacy. 
  2. Relevant individuals who made accusations against Yuan Zhiming for his conducts after he was ordained, and the accusers’ pastors should communicate with CSFCF directly and CSFCF shall handle the inquiries in a serious manner.
  3. CSFCF reserves the rights to sue the person who posted the “investigation report”, the initiator and certain members of the “investigation committee”, and the institutions who aid and abet the spread of unverified accusations.


Dated: February 25, 2015
Wen-Jai Xie
President of
Board of Directors of
China Soul for Christ Foundation (CSFCF)