China Soul Website Updated in Early Summer 2018


Dear brothers and sisters, our friends in the Lord,

Praise to God! We welcome the summer of 2018 with an updated website. Our goal is to organize the site with clarity and present it with ease of use. The website has been enriched with a considerable amount of new content as follows:

Documentaries: THE CROSS-JESUS IN CHINA is now available for viewing in 15 languages, including narrations in Chinese, English, Arabic, French, German, Indian Tamil, and Polish. Subtitled versions include: Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. BEYOND is now available with English subtitles. CHINA’S CONFESSION abridged version is now available with English subtitles. THE GOSPEL and MISSIONARY are now available with both Chinese and English narration.

Sermons: More than 200 sermons in Mandarin, a few with English translation by Pastor Yuan Zhiming and ten other Chinese pastors from Mainland China can be watched on this site. All videos and audio files are available for free to download and distribute. More than 40 of Pastor Yuan’s recent sermons have been added, with 2 of his previous DVD sermon series transcribed into Chinese text.

Hymns: More than 1860 Canaan Hymns by Xiao Min have been made available with Xiao Min’s original singing, music sheets, and midi music renditions. In addition, this website hosts over 70 songs sung in concert by singers of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and various parts of the world. Videos of 18 theme songs from our documentaries can be viewed in this category.

Testimony: 15 Heavenly Song testimonies, 8 Testimonies of this Generation, multiple Xiao Min’s witnesses are presented in the Heavenly Song category.

Books: 17 E-books can be read online, including Lao Tzu and the Bible and Tao Te Ching, both translated into English versions.

China Soul’s APP Hyssop, Pastor Yuan’s Facebook, China Soul’s YouTube page, and two WeChat reading sites See HIM and Hear HIM are linked on the front page and other parts of the site.

All 65 products (20 items in English), can be purchased online or via phone (1-707-585-9588). Most of the DVDs and CDs have been discounted to $10 or $5. They are also available on, by searching China Soul for Christ Foundation, title or author in both English and Chinese.

If you feel called to bring China Soul’s free DVD Gospel products to mainland China, please fill the Free Product Form and contact us for more info.

May God bless you and China Soul’s ministry!