Bother Hsieh Introduction

Brother Hsieh Wen-Jai graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, and was engaged in the development of chip design software in California's Silicon Valley in the early 1980s. In 1986, he was sent by the company to the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan to establish an R&D center, which was the earliest and only chip design software for the company. In 1990, a chip design company was established in Silicon Valley. He retired in 1999 and was called by God to set up China Soul for Christ Foundation together with Pastor Yuan Zhiming as director-general. So far, he is one of the first people to participate in Chinese Christian gospel film and television. During this time, he also participated in the establishment of the "Smyrna Training Information Center" to produce film and television teaching materials for Sunday school use. He is also a former elder of the "Mountain View Christian Church" in California, USA. During his time as elder, he began to explain the Gospel of Luke chapter by chapter and sorted out related sermons in the way of expository preaching. After retiring as elder, and in response to the needs of the Chinese house churches, brother Hsieh took about two years to organize and complete all the sermons in Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Luke, and began to produce this series of sermons during the period of home isolation in 2020. This sermon series can be used for Sunday message and for group family gatherings. 


《路加福音》解经讲道系列,每篇约40分钟,分成两个约20分钟的影片。讲道内容根据经文当时的历史背景(historical context),以及在文脉(literary context)中作者想要表达的意思,深入讲解《路加福音》所记载耶稣的生平、事迹和教训所要传达的意义。这套解经讲道系列的主旨,是如同保罗劝勉提摩太时所说,竭力按着正意分解真理的道(提后2:15b)。当我们能正确的了解神借着一段经文所要传达的旨意,而反覆思想时,经文就能潜移默化的塑造我们的品格。这就是经文的应用。