Nine Episode DVD Serial 

Gripping journeys of faith by overseas Chinese

Never before told until now


"Beyond," a monumental documentary serial three years in the making, will be premiered at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011in many cities in America and the world. 

In “Beyond,” you will hear vivid stories from dozens of Chinese living in Europe, Australia, and North and South America. It contains nine episodes, about nine hours, featuring students, engineers, entrepreneurs, pastors, lawyers, Internet brides, stowaways, gamblers, and even murderers!

Many Chinese went abroad in search of fame and riches, but unexpectedly found their lives transformed by faith.  “Beyond” not only revives the memory of the first Chinese church in San Francisco, CA, but also reflects the stories of millions of Chinese Christians who discovered a new way of living totally unfamiliar to most Chinese.

Beyond” is produced by China Soul for Christ Foundation, which also produced the sensational TV topical serial The Gospel, the modern church classic The Cross-Jesus in China  (translated into 18 languages and selected as course material by Yale University) and the Foundation's epic China's Confession, all of which have made a tremendous spiritual impact in both Mainland China and abroad. 

During the “Beyond” premieres,  Chief Director of the film, Zhiming Yuan, and many characters in “Beyond” will testify to the audience.  May your heart and soul rise and soar with "Beyond."


Individual Episode 


Vancouver in Spring 

Yongnin Liu, a successful entrepreneur, was a famous celebrity in Northeastern China.  He lost $100 million to gambling in Las Vegas and Macao. His career came to a halt, and he suffered from a rare spinal disease.  He later migrated to Vancouver and unexpectedly met Jesus. By the grace of God, Yongnin Liu regained his life.  He quit gambling, repaid his debts, abstained from drugs, and reconciled with his wife.  He is now a minister in his church and has brought many with similar experiences from darkness to light.


Legend in San Francisco 

Ma Ma Pu is 86 years old.  Over the past twenty years, she has come down with cancer of the breast, kidney, uterus, and intestine, and experienced four surgeries.  She not only miraculously survives, but also acts robustly like a youngster and is pure and joyful as a child.  What is her secret?  This documentary offers a vivid testimony of her life through her own eyes and the perspective of her relatives, friends, doctors and pastors.


Unfailing Love 

Separated in their 30s on different shores of the Pacific with no connection especially during the political turmoil of their homeland, yet they waited and waited for 30 years until they were reunited at age 60. The wife had been left with 5 kids to care for by herself.  By the time of their reunion, the wife brought to her husband 27 descendants.  What is the power that sustained this couple and authored this unbelievable romance?  Pastor Guo Zhen and his wife offer a convincing answer in this episode.


Internet Brides in Phoenix 

In the American city of Phoenix, Arizona, live a group of brides from Mainland China.  They bravely crossed the Pacific Ocean and found their spouses through the Internet.  In an unfamiliar environment, they overcame language barriers and cultural shock.  They persistently pursued happiness until they found the source of happiness—the grace of God.


A Dream in Brazil  

A couple of young lovers get separated—one drifts in Brazil and tries to shoot himself with a gun, while the other wanders in Singapore and eventually dials the suicide hotline.  God hears their cry for help and extends His hand of mercy to them.  The couple finally come out of despair.  Next to the beautiful and scenic Iguazu Falls, they rekindle their love for one another and devote their life to serving and walking in the grace of God.


Story of Chinese Oversea Students  

How do large numbers of young overseas students live abroad?  How do they face the pressure of study, loneliness, cultural barriers, and the temptations of the world?  In this episode, many overseas teen students reveal their personal and eye-opening stories.


Song of Wanderers 

There seems no common ground between Silicon Valley computer engineers, stowaways in Philadelphia, and an imprisoned murderer in New York.  However, before God, they are the same:  they all need love, mercy and salvation.  This episode contains three parts:  the life of computer engineers transformed; a stowaway turned into a missionary, and a murderer set free in prison.


Farewell to Motherland  

In 1849, the first generation of Chinese landed in San Francisco.  Overseas Chinese made their mark on this once foreign land in the midst of the political ups and downs of their homeland.  This episode briefly describes the spiritual journey of 36 overseas Chinese students and scholars who later became preachers.  They came from Beijing University, Fudan University, People's College, Chinese Communist Party School, and so on, majoring in humanity, science, engineering, business and various disciplines.  Discover how their lives have changed today walking with Jesus and spreading the Gospel.


New York Diary 

A loving couple wholeheartedly pursued their career and finally achieved success before middle age. The husband becomes an accomplished entrepreneur, and the wife serves as Chief of a Manhattan Library.  In their busy life, separation and temptation nearly destroy their family.  Their heart and soul gradually wither.  They finally ask: “Is such success worth it?” and “What is true success in life?”  In this episode, discover how this couple provides a convincing answer.


About  Director Yuan Zhiming 

Reverend Yuan Zhiming is one of the script writers of the famous television series “River Elegy”. He was once a PhD candidate of the Chinese People University in philosophy. He left China in 1989 as a leading political dissident in Beijing and became a Christian in 1991 when he was in Princeton University as a visiting scholar. In 1992 he attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. In 1995 he served in Overseas Campus Magazine. He is now Chief Director of China Soul for Christ Foundation. He produced and directed the documentary films “China’s Confession,” “The Cross -- Jesus in China,” “The Gospel” and "Beyond." He authored eleven books including “China’s Confession -- God and Five Thousand Years of China,” “Laozi and the Bible”, “Lose the Earth and Gain the Heaven,”  “Short Subjects on Faith” and so on. His 12 series DVD sermons "Why I Believe in Jesus" and "Come to Jesus" spread wide and fast in China. Reverend Yuan preaches all over the world, often drawing thousands at a time. His ministry has led countless people to come to know Jesus.