O Lord, I Praise You #5

O Lord, I praise You

XiaoMin’s Canaan Hymn no. 5
Lyrics & Music by XiaoMing
Vocals by Li Shuangyan

LORD, I praise thee, because You have chosen me.
Among this vast sea of people, you searched for me.
LORD, I praise thee, for You have loved me.
Your love fills the whole universe, fills the mountains and rivers.
Your love has saved many people, Your love incite us to live.
Who would not bow down before thee, who would not sing songs of praise to thee?
Our great GOD, our great High King in Heaven,
it is You that raised us from the dust, you raised us from the dust!
I can't talk the full extent of your lovingkindness,
I can't sing the full extent of your righteousness.
On this broad and vast land, who would not thank thee and praise thee.

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